Crow Hockey: The story so far….

Crow Hockey was founded in 2020; with lockdown in full flow and hockey across the board at a halt, it was a time when many trawled through the hundreds of pages of sticks, bags and gloves and honestly gasping at the thought of paying £300 + (just for a stick), to play the game we love. As players and coaches, we have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours playing the game and even more hundreds of pounds on playing equipment. From a bit of a eureka moment, we developed a vision and goal to be able to create and deliver international quality equipment, that can not only compete with the big brand names but makes you feel like you are a world beating superstar and is available at a family friendly price.

With this in mind, we forged on with the dream and a steely determination, contacting numerous developers, designers and factories, as well as spending hundreds of hours researching and interviewing players to identify what was most important to them.

So here we are! We have now partnered with the best manufacturers in the market who make the equipment you see at the Olympics / national leagues / used by your teammates. The difference with Crow being that we want you to be able to have the best equipment without re-mortgaging your house!

Why choose Crow Hockey?

Well let’s be honest, we genuinely feel our equipment is the best out there. We don’t believe in second best and when you use our equipment, we want you to feel confident and that you are able to perform to your best level.

We have a core belief in giving back. Whether this is in our partnership programmes, our sustainability aims or our charity contributions. As you will see from our site, we have a number of partnerships which are all aligned to increase the exposure of the sport, to make equipment accessible to everyone.

We have a passion for diversity and inclusion and our sponsorship programme will show you that we do not discriminate or restrict our applications by age, colour or creed. We are an original participant within the ‘Hockey All In’ movement and contribute regularly to discussions on how we can assist and increase exposure to players from all backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures etc #ALLIN. In the same vain, we are also the official equipment sponsor for the Hockey Mentors programme. The programme brings around 100 children from backgrounds where hockey isn’t as accessible due to school restrictions or financial constraint to the sport. Hockey Mentors has been created to give upcoming youth players access to Olympians and International Mentors, who discuss mental health and wellbeing, as well as playing skills.

As a brand, Crow Hockey is also has a sustainability ethos. From our packaging (which is all recycled cardboard, from local stores and our own deliveries! – we are working on recycled tape too). Our SnapBacks have been created from recycled and rescued plastic from the sea and can be traced back through our manufacturer to where it has been collected from. For our sweatshirts and hoodies, we have sourced a partner who specialises in sustainable and organic materials and we are working on new performance shirts to help complete the set.

We also have partnered with the charity Mind. As a charity, the great work they do for those who need assistance with Mental Health can never be under-estimated. We wanted to help raise their profile and provide a true partnership. 5% of all sales (whether you use a promotional / partnership discount code or not) is donated to them to assist them to continue their amazing work.

Innovate, Delivery, Sustain, Include!

What is Crow Hockey Doing Next?

Within our first year, we have (so far) partnered with 7 amazing clubs and are in discussions with many more on how we can help them and increase our brand awareness, not only across the UK but into new global markets.

Our equipment! Well we are not a brand that believes a new lick of paint and a slight tweak means a new stick or bag. Our equipment is always being tested and we are looking at brand new designs, and moulds. These will allow everyone the opportunity to use Crow Hockey equipment, whether that is a stick, a glove or bag, and ensure it suits them.

Our expansion plans! These include the introduction of new compostable and sustainable mailing options, as well as our new sustainable clothing range. Keep an eye out for a brand new website and more Crow Hockey content across your platforms!

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