About Us

About Us

Crow Hockey was born from our love of the game. As players and coaches, we have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours playing the game and even more hundreds of pounds on playing equipment. Our vision has always been to be able to create the best equipment, that not only can competes with the big brand names, but is available at a family friendly price. As the game has given so much to us, we want to give back. We offer fantastic sponsorship options, to both individuals and to clubs and 5% of all sales are donated to Mind.

Social Media

We love to see all our Crow Hockey family and how much they love playing the game. Post your pictures and Tag us using;


All In

We want to share a new initiative within Hockey that is very close to our heart and looks to make our sport a positive space for all. We want to raise awareness of the hardworking people behind ALL IN and we support the message.

ALL IN has three primary aims:

To raise awareness and understanding of the needs of Diverse Communities throughout the hockey family with a view to increasing levels of participation.

To empower individuals, clubs, regions, and England Hockey to play their part in facilitating this change.

To advise and support policymakers and delivery bodies to be inclusive of all under-represented groups, drawing on our experience with Diverse Communities.

Please take some time to learn more and sign up at: 


Hockey Mentors

Crow Hockey has always been a brand that has aimed to give back to the sport. With our ethos on accessibility and collaboration we are extremely excited and privileged to announce we will be the official playing accessory partner for Hockey Mentors. Hockey Mentors aims to widen the talent pool in English/GB Hockey. They focus on junior performance players aged 13-18 who have one or more of the following barriers to success: state school, ethnic minority or parental income below the national average. With a team of 24 mentors (including 8 current GB Internationals) they connect the best, with junior performance players who need help the most.   The Hockey Mentors Academy is a unique 8-month journey for 80 junior performance hockey players aged 13-18 who have barriers to success, so they can reach their potential in all aspects of life. If you are a young player who feels they have a barrier to succeeding in the game,  or a coach at a club that has players with barriers to success, please do check out the opportunity Hockey Mentors is able to provide.   Please take some time to follow the progress of this amazing movement: Hockey Mentors – One Hockey Family