The Crow Hockey Goal Keeper kit

Our C100 is the perfect club kit.

High quality material, designed to be highly durable giving you longer life…longer life! Maximum ball control and agility. Mighty value for money.

Designed for wear on UK pitches. With every single requirement covered you will save over £1000!

What do you get?

  • Leg guards
  • Kickers
  • Gloves
  • Full Body Protector with coneted arm protection
  • Padded GK Shorts
  • Neck  protector
  • Groin protector
  • Helmet
  • GK Holdall Wheelie Bag

The C100 range has been designed with a flatter front face to the legguards and a higher interlocking tongue on the kickers. This allows for an easy transition for keepers who have used other equipment. The  strap legguards secure firmly to the leg. The kickers and gloves offer the same protection as other Elite ranges with multiple foam laminates creating the optimum level of protection and rebound. The extended tongue on the kicker is designed to not only ‘lock’ with the legguards, but also fill the small air pocket that usually sits in front of the ankle. By filling that pocket it increases lower leg rebound and helps with ‘save / clear’ techniques. Light Weight with high rebound foam and light weight construction. The body protection is held to the same high quality construction. Dual High Intensity Cellular Foam designed to move freely  with the body and offer unrestrictive movement. The C100 Padded Pant is designed to be the top end Girdle. The C100 padded pant ensures optimum protection and freedom of movement. With extra focus on protecting the inside of the leg. With the addition of High Impact Foam and the EVA Impact Zone, these pants are a must-have for every keeper. Our all new C100 GK Helmet, is made from a protective fibreglass shell with pre-cut and moulded foam inner. Wire ‘cats-eye’ grill gives great forwards and peripheral vision and 5 point elasticated strapping system ensures fit and comfort.