The Crow Hockey Extreme Low Bow Stick II

The brand-new Crow Hockey Extreme Low Bow is the second generation of our original and best-selling CCVII. The new Crow Hockey Extreme Low Bow stick increases features offering unparalleled ability to perform 3d skills, the hardest and fastest drag flick you’ll see and all without losing the ability to control and feel the ball.

The Crow Hockey Extreme Low Bow is the choice of many leading global superstars. Designed in conjunction with the best attackers around. This is the drag flicker, Ariel specialist and 3d flair players dream stick! The Crow Hockey Extreme Low Bow has the newest CROWU head, with a more ergonomic grooved shaft, holding the ball to make those crucial flicks even more dominant.

With its new feel, comes a slick new look in a bespoke Teal Pantone! The revised look and feel of the Crow Hockey Extreme Low Bow means all eyes will be on you, not only for your skill and ability, but because you’ve got the best looking weapon in the game.

The Tech:

Made with leading Japanese Toray Carbon (This is a 24K spread tow carbon fibre which offers exceptional strength and stiffness compared to biaxial carbon fibres. The end result is a stick with a significant increase in torsional rigidity to offer maximum strength, power output and ultra-lightweight).

The Head:
The newly developed “CROWU” Head shape is developed from the original Midi head and the market leading maxi shape. With a tapered toe, the CROWU head gives this head maximum ball control. Faster 360 on the spot spins; Precise PC push outs and ultimate fore-sticks drags. A head made for power and grace.

At Crow Hockey we have designed the ultimate control zone (UCZ). Each head and lower shaft has been coated with a cutting-edge silica surface that helps reduce the spin of the ball, whilst providing traction for trapping and close control.


· Premium Japanese 24k carbon
· 90% carbon
· 5% fibreglass
· 5% Kevlar
· 25.00 mm bend
· 200 mm bend point
· Grooved Shaft
· CROWU head
· Ultimate Control Zone
· 510 – 525 grams

Available in 36.5″ 37.5″ 38.5″